I think we have concluded that the use of the ICU library is the way we
are going to accomplish multi-locale support in the future.


Mahmoud Taghizadeh wrote:
> there was a discussion in postgresql mailing list about using strxfrm 
> function to add support multi locale.
> most of developers agree that this method is a correct but not perfect 
> solution for having multiple locale in postgresql and some people suggest to 
> add such functions in contribution.
> the main problem of such functions is the overhead of setlocale. (that can be 
> ommited when you run postgresql in a OS with advanced GLIBC and strxfrm_l 
> function)
> I summerized discussion and add one implementation of such functions, I try 
> to convince tom lane to add this function to the contribution but I failed.
> maybe you are not interested to this subject but I kindly ask you to say your 
> idea in list.
> please tell clearly that you are agree/disagree for add this function in 
> contribution or not.
> I am thankful in advance.
> With Regards,
> --taghi
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