> I don't see an easy way to get around this, though, and it's not too 
> concerning. Amusingly it does completely break the SQLSTATE and SQLERRM 
> tests we added a few days ago :)

Yes, it's true. But with simple plpgsql parser isn't possible expect 
miracles :). I think so there is some space for modifications - 
read_sql_construct - add control for availability sql params. You can 
solve all errors where is expr_until_semi.

This is exactly same situation like

create function ...
  execute 'select '||a;
end; $$

it generate runtime error

> BTW, another easy improvement in this area is changing the RAISE format 
> string to allow it to be an expression, rather than only a string literal.

No problem. But it's maybe big change. And I don't see using format string 
too much limiting. 


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