Dave Page wrote:
> The attached patch integrates dbsize functions into the backend, as per
> discussion on -hackers. The following functions are included:
> pg_relation_size(text)   - Get relation size by name/schema.name
> pg_relation_size(oid)    - Get relation size by OID
> pg_tablespace_size(name) - Get tablespace size by name
> pg_tablespace_size(oid)  - Get tablespace size by OID
> pg_database_size(name)   - Get database size by name
> pg_database_size(oid)    - Get database size by OID
> pg_table_size(text)            - Get table size (including all indexes and
> toast tables) by name/schema.name
> pg_table_size(oid)             - Get table size (including all indexes and
> toast tables) by OID
> pg_size_pretty(int8)     - Pretty print (and round) the byte size
> specified (eg, 123456 = 121KB)
> This is based on the dbsize contrib module, and previous patches from
> Andreas Pflug and Ed L.
> The dbsize module should be removed once this is applied, and the
> catalog version incremented as I haven't included that in the patch.

OK, so you went with relation as heap/index/toast only, and table as the
total of them.  I am not sure that makes sense because we usually equate
relation with table, and an index isn't a relation, really.

Do we have to use pg_object_size?  Is there a better name?  Are
indexes/toasts even objects?

Of course, these issues are all minor, but we might as well get them

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