> "exception variable" in the first place. What does it buy us over simply 
> using a string? In other words, if we allowed the syntax:
> RAISE LEVEL [ opt_sqlstate ] 'fmt' [, expr ... ]
> where `opt_sqlstate' is either empty, a T_WORD we find in the table of 
> predefined condition names, or an expression that evaluates to a text 
> value. The text value must be of a certain form (e.g. 5 characters in 
> length, begins with a "U" and so on).

I unlike this syntax. Yes, it's easy and clear, but not readable. 
Exception variables are better and an way for future. SQL state can be 
only one value wich can hold exception variable. And more it's more in 
oracle style (I don't wont to copy all Oracle ware into PostgreSQL)


p.s. I have patch for rethrow exception which isn't related to user's 
exception (but need's finished plpgsql code). Syntax is easy, I hope


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