Tom Lane wrote:
Koichi Suzuki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Here're a couple of patches for PostgreSQL 64bit support.  There're just
two extension to 64bit, size of shared memory and transaction ID.

I asked originally for some experimental evidence showing any value
in having more than 2Gb of shared buffers.  In the absence of any
convincing demonstration, I'm not very inclined to worry about whether
we can handle wider-than-int shared memory size.

There is some practical evidence. Recently the number of large boxes in the field is almost growing exponentially. Today I have heard somebody say "this box has 'just 4 gig of ram' ". On large installations we have already seen problems with too small caches (= 2gb). Surprisingly this has turned out to be a quite important issue in the field. Tests have shown that the cache provided by the OS is a lot worse for the database.

64-bit XIDs seem to be an overkill - the only practical impact I can see is an even larger tuple header (this can be an issue on large boxes too - at least compared to Oracle).

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