Petr Jelinek wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> >The new syntax for this command is CREATE/ALTER DATABASE/USER:
> >
> >                | MAX CONNECTIONS Iconst
> >
> >This adds 'max' as a keyword, though at a fairly unreserved level, I
> >think.  Should we use the syntax LIMIT CONNECTIONS so we don't have to
> >add MAX as a keyword at all?
> >
> Yeah I have no problem with LIMIT CONNECTIONS, will you change it or 
> should I do it ?

I will do it.

> btw where has new keyword to be added to not be added "at a fairly 
> unreserved level" ? (MAX is also added to keywords.c in that patch)

Right, I will remove the MAX addition.  parser/gram.y has this comment:

         * Keyword classification lists.  Generally, every keyword present in
         * the Postgres grammar should appear in exactly one of these lists.
         * Put a new keyword into the first list that it can go into without 
         * shift or reduce conflicts.  The earlier lists define "less reserved"
         * categories of keywords.

I will check that your additions are in the right place.

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