> > > Also, as I already said, marking it as PGC_POSTMASTER is 
> simply not 
> > > adequate security.  Once we have some sort of remote 
> admin feature, 
> > > I would expect it to support adjustment of even postmaster-level 
> > > options (this would mean forcing a database restart of 
> course) --- 
> > > you can hardly say that you have a complete remote admin 
> solution if 
> > > you can't change shared_buffers or max_connections.
> > 
> > The point is you cannot *enable* it once it is *disabled*. Thus you 
> > cannot *elevate* your privileges. Thus not a security issue.
> I think any secure solution is going to have to block all 
> write access to postgresql.conf, and that includes all the 
> COPY TO and all the untrusted languages.

Exactly. But we won't get that for 8.1. So for now, we block all write
access through *new* functions, per the "let's at least not add more
security holes" rule.


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