> > Once we have a "real remote admin API", it becomes an 
> argument, and it 
> > will have to be adjusted. But we don't have that today, and 
> I see no 
> > need to create a new guc category just for this. After all, some of 
> > these functions will probably go away completely once we 
> have such an 
> > API.
> None of these functions are getting into 8.1 anyway; we 
> should be designing the long-term solution not making up 
> short-lived hacks.

I'm sorry, but then why the **** did my question:

> And finally, with something like that in place, would you be fine with
> the file editing functions as they stand (limiting them to the pg
> directories, as I believe it does)?

get the answer:
> I'm OK with them even without the directory limitation as long as
> there's a way to disable them. 

If you had just said from the start that these functions would not be
accepted even if the specific concerns raised were fixed, a lot of time
invested by a lot of people would not have been necessary.

I guess I just join the rank of people giving up on this. Too bad for
the people who want to be able to remotely admin their stuff, because I
now think everybody who actually cared have given up.


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