Petr Jelinek wrote:

Dave Page wrote:

It, or some related patch appears to have broken the build on buildfarm member snake.

I haven't had time to  investigate.


Atached patch fixes it and also adds proper gai_strerror for windows.
(It's patch against CVS *after* Chucks patch was aplied)

I thought this had been tested. I should have tested it myself. Apologies.

Anyway, with Petr's extra patch I get a clean build, but "make check" fails with a postmaster bind failure and a pgsql failure, both with and without IPv6 installed, on my Xp-PRO SP1 box. When IPv6 is installed it complains about an unknown family 23 (which is Windows-speak for AF_INET6).

So, not quite there yet.

I'm out of action for pretty much the rest of today and tomorrow, so won't be doing more testing for a while.



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