> While I have applied your patch, I am now confused about 
> something. Your change was to pg_config.h.win32, which is 
> used only for WIN32_CLIENT_ONLY compiles, namely MSVC and Borland C.
> The addition was:
>       /* use _snprintf and _vsnprintf */
>       #define HAVE_DECL_SNPRINTF 1
>       #define snprintf        _snprintf
>       #define HAVE_DECL_VSNPRINTF 1
>       #define vsnprintf       _vsnprintf
> Now, I think the problem is that with those defines, we will 
> not use our port/snprintf.c, meaning the %$ escapes for 
> language translation will not work for those builds.  I 
> realize the backend is the most important for messages, but 
> libpq and psql also have message translation.

AFAIK we don't support NLS builds with MSVC anyway. (Check
pg_config.h.win32, it has no #define NLS). So I don't think this is an


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