Bruce Momjian wrote:

Mahmoud Taghizadeh wrote:
I have updated the FAQ. both text version and html version are attached
to this mail. please update the CVS

Uh, the master for Farsi is in HTML, not in text format, which is what
you supplied.  See doc/src/FAQ/FAQ_farsi.html.

The reason it was removed from the web site is that it isn't
HTML-compliant enough for our web site.  Things like:

Why are we still keeping doc source in HTML at all? IMNSHO we should be using a single source markup language for all our docs, including the FAQs, TODO list etc. and producing output in whatever format is desired using stylesheets. (My choice would be Dcobook XML ;-) ) That would obviate any issues of non-standard markup such as <font> tags.



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