Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> >Uh, the master for Farsi is in HTML, not in text format, which is what
> >you supplied.  See doc/src/FAQ/FAQ_farsi.html.
> >
> >The reason it was removed from the web site is that it isn't
> >HTML-compliant enough for our web site.  Things like:
> Why are we still keeping doc source in HTML at all? IMNSHO we should be 
> using a single source markup language for all our docs, including the 
> FAQs, TODO list etc. and producing output in whatever format is desired 
> using stylesheets. (My choice would be Dcobook XML ;-) ) That would 
> obviate any issues of non-standard markup such as <font> tags.

We try to make the FAQ's as easy to modify as possible, and HTML seems
good for that.

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