David Fetter said:
> On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 08:03:41PM -0500, Bruce Momjian wrote:
>> Uh, couldn't the delimiter be a backslash in CVS mode?
> I don't think so.  Folks?

Using backslash as a delimiter in CSV would be odd, to say the least. As an
escape char it is occasionally used, but not as a delimiter in my
experience. Maybe we should apply the "be liberal in what you accept" rule,
but I think this would be stretching it.

> Anyhow, if there are different sets, I could do something like:
> #define BADCHARS "\r\n\\"
> #define BADCHARS_CSV "\r\n"
> and then check for csv_mode, etc.
>>      + #define BADCHARS "\r\n\\"
>> Also, should we disable DELIMITER and NULL from sharing characters?
> That's on about line 916, post-patch:
>    /* Don't allow the delimiter to appear in the null string. */
>    if (strchr(cstate->null_print, cstate->delim[0]) != NULL)
>        ereport(ERROR,
>                (errcode(ERRCODE_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED),
>                errmsg("COPY delimiter must not appear in the NULL
>                specification")));
> I suppose that a different error code might be The Right Thing™ here.




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