> > Attached is a patch for Win32 semaphore reimplementation per 
> > discussion with Tom and Magnus.
> The trickiest part of the sysv and posix implementations is 
> making sure that any kernel resources represented by the 
> semaphores will go away at appropriate times.  There are two 
> cases to worry about:
> 1. Backend crash while postmaster stays alive: postmaster 
> will get to execute the on_shmem_exit() callback after all 
> the backends are gone, and that can clean 'em up.
> 2. postmaster crashes: we'd like the semas to go away 
> automatically when the last backend goes away.  If this 
> doesn't happen, then there has to be logic to recycle 
> leftover semas when the postmaster is next started.
> Most of the ugliness in sysv_sema.c is because it has to do "manual"
> cleanup per #2.
> I dunno much about Windows, and it may be that your code is 
> already OK on this score.  I'm just pointing it out as 
> something that has to be considered.  Some comments in the 
> code about how this works wouldn't be a bad idea.

For #2, yes, the semaphores will go away when the last process holding a
HANDLE to it goes away. For #1, the code seems to handle that right?


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