Albe Laurenz wrote:
> > This patch for libpq allows you to enter an LDAP URL in
> pg_service.conf.
> > The URL will be queried and the resulting string(s) parsed for
> > keyword = value connection options.
> > 
> > The idea is to have connection information stored centrally on an LDAP
> > server rather than on the client machine.
> I forgot to mention that there was a brief discussion about this on
> Hackers:
> My implementation follows the idea from
> I thought it would be good to have some real code as a basis for
> further discussion whether this is a desirable feature or not.
> I felt somewhat encouraged because PostgreSQL already has a
> dependency on OpenLDAP since
> and I do not have to introduce a new dependency.

Where are we on this?  It allows pg_service.conf to query LDAP for
connection strings.  Is it a feature people want?

  Bruce Momjian

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