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Bruce Momjian <> writes:
Great, changes attached and applied.  I removed the solaris_i386 and
solaris_x86_64.s files and made just one solaris_x86.s.  I updated the
build system to use the new file, updated the macros, and added some
documentation on the approach.  Thanks.

BTW, on the replacement of ldstub with cas: according to what I find in
google, cas does not exist on pre-V9 SPARCs.  Are we sure no one uses
sparc v8 chips anymore?  Is there any actual advantage to making that
This is true, and can be addressed with #defines to pull in the old old code. Just to note, you can't run Solaris 10 or any future version of Solaris on sparcv8 either. Sparcv8plus is 3bit sparc code and it does support the cas operation. The instruction cas that operates on a word is more much efficient than the code that it replaced. I'm don't own or have access to any sparc machines old enough to have that issue (even on my guest accounts at my alma mater). If this is a concern, it seems more than reasonable to #elif the case in for that architecture in the sparc assembly file -- being open source, you'll no doubt alienate some dude who thinks its cool to run Postgres on his Sparc ELC.

I'd remind everyone that the spinlock stuff is entirely optional at build time. I think it be more elegant approach to discontinue spinlock support on sparcv8 and older sparc architectures and just force them to use heavier weight locking mechanisms. I "accidentally" did this on my Sol10 amd64 box before I realized what the build system did.

I also think it immensely useful to replace all of the tas subsystem with cas so that one could reliabily lock these atomics with the process id of the locker. This would allow extremely good diagnostics in the event that a backend process is abruptly teminated while holding a log on that shm segment. If the process ID was in there, it would then be a contition that is both diagnosable and recoverable.

I could likely provide the cas bits and pieces to do this stuff on linux/freebsd/mac os x and windows on x86/64 sparcv8plus/sparcv9 and PPC if you think that would be useful.

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