Tom Lane wrote:
> Theo Schlossnagle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I'd remind everyone that the spinlock stuff is entirely optional at 
> > build time.
> Not really.  The performance hit for not having hardware spinlocks is
> so severe that it's not considered a reasonable fallback.
> > I also think it immensely useful to replace all of the tas subsystem 
> > with cas so that one could reliabily lock these atomics with the process 
> > id of the locker.
> I cannot, ever once in my years working on Postgres, remember having
> wanted such a thing.  I am strongly against mucking with the spinlock
> code for mere aesthetics --- it's too fragile and hard to test,
> especially on platforms you don't have ready access to.
> In short, it ain't broken and we don't need to fix it.

Agreed.  Should the new Solaris ASM code be modified?

  Bruce Momjian

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