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I still do not know why we can't do some kind of runtime test in python
and disable this feature for 2.4 builds that have debugging enabled.
Can we do a dynamic function load test from plpython?  There must be
some function that is only visible in debug builds.

Yes, I already did research last week after discussions about that. In unmodified Python distribution, in configure:
if --with-pydebug
  define Py_DEBUG
  undef NDEBUG
  undef Py_DEBUG
  define NDEBUG

Unfortunately, this is not case for Fedora Core 4, where assertions are used unconditionally. And to make things worse, there is no runtime symbol at all to indicate whether Python is compiled with debugging/assertions enabled (Py_DEBUG & NDEBUG are preprocessor symbols)

I see 3 options (from best to worst, IMHO)
1) document misbehaviour when using Python2.4 with assertions allowed with reference to bug fix.
2) new configure flag to optionally allow/disallow using generator
3) drop generators

Btw, we developed returning compose types further. Basically did same as for SETOF functions -- allow to return any Python object that conforms to mapping protocol. Currently only dict as previously, though. But still, ready for new fancy unforeseen Python features without recompiling PG.
Additionally, now it is possible to return compose types as Python tuples.
Will create patch whenever final decision is made about generators.

Sven Suursoho

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