Sven Suursoho wrote:
> Sat, 06 May 2006 20:38:48 +0300, Bruce Momjian <>:
> > I still do not know why we can't do some kind of runtime test in python
> > and disable this feature for 2.4 builds that have debugging enabled.
> > Can we do a dynamic function load test from plpython?  There must be
> > some function that is only visible in debug builds.
> Yes, I already did research last week after discussions about that. In  
> unmodified Python distribution, in configure:
> if --with-pydebug
>    define Py_DEBUG
>    undef NDEBUG
> else
>    undef Py_DEBUG
>    define NDEBUG
> fi
> Unfortunately, this is not case for Fedora Core 4, where assertions are  
> used unconditionally. And to make things worse, there is no runtime symbol  
> at all to indicate whether Python is compiled with debugging/assertions  
> enabled (Py_DEBUG & NDEBUG are preprocessor symbols)

Can you test dynamically loading a function that is only visible in the
symbol table of debug builds, and check the return code?

In the Fedora Core 4 case, how did they make assertions always enabled? 
I see the fix:

How did Fedora Core 4 enable asserts?  I see the patch calling libc's
assert() directly, which should be enabled all the time.

  Bruce Momjian

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