> > it's considered the linker's job to prevent loading 32-bit 
> code into a 
> > 64-bit executable or vice versa, so I don't think we need to be 
> > checking for common assumptions about sizeof(long).
> I know ELF headers contain some of this info, and unix in 
> general doesn't try to allow different bit sizes in one 
> binary. Windows used to (maybe still has) a mechanism to 
> allow 32-bit code to call 16-bit libraries. Do they allow the 
> same for 64-bit libs?

Yes, but it's not something that it does automatically - you have to
specifically seti t up to call the thunking code. It's not something I
think we need to support at all. (Performance is also quite horrible -
at least on 16 vs 32, I'd assume the same for 32 vs 64)


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