Pavel Stehule wrote:
> Hello
> >
> >If there were a serious amount of demand for the SQL2003 XML features
> >then I wouldn't be averse to putting them in, but right now it looks
> >like bloat with little redeeming social value.  Who other than the
> >submitter has asked for this?  I don't even see "XML" listed in TODO.
> 1. integrating SQL/XML into engine put some possibilities for faster and 
> eficient generating XML file. Is important for generating large XML files. 
> XML has recursive sturucture and normal (classic functions) interface isn't 
> eficient, because it's need more XML->text conversions. Inside parser I know 
> if I inside recursion or outside.
> 2. Some people use my patch. Without my patch there will be more request for 
> it.

OK, got it.  One thing I would like is a summary of what we support
directly, in /contrib, and externally.  I would like something that can
be eventually put in our documentation, because right now, people say,
"I need XML", and they are not clear about exactly what they need. 
Things like:

        storing xml
        searching xml
        exporting xml
        building xml structures

  Bruce Momjian

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