I wrote:
> IIRC, newer BSDen use a kernel call for this, so you should be able to
> measure it on your own machine.  Just tweak ps_status.c to force it to
> select PS_USE_NONE instead of PS_USE_SETPROCTITLE to generate a
> comparison case.  I'll try it on my old HPUX box too.

On HPUX, I get a median time of 5.59 sec for CVS HEAD vs 5.36 sec with
ps_status diked out, for the test case of 10000 "SELECT 1;" as separate
transactions, assert-disabled build.  So, almost 10% overhead.  Given
that the transactions can't get any more trivial than this, that's about
a worst-case number.  Not sure if it's worth worrying about or not.
However Kris Kennaway's report a couple weeks ago suggested things might
be worse on BSD.

                        regards, tom lane

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