If IPv6 gets broken after all the trouble several of us went to I'll
be  annoyed. :-)

Um, I think that this was the origin in problem.:-)

Why do we need to reorder the fields in the struct?

Eh? Even my FreeBSD used well shows a structure object.
struct addrinfo {
       int     ai_flags;       /* AI_PASSIVE, AI_CANONNAME, AI_NUMERICHOST */
       int     ai_family;      /* PF_xxx */
       int     ai_socktype;    /* SOCK_xxx */
       int     ai_protocol;    /* 0 or IPPROTO_xxx for IPv4 and IPv6 */
       size_t  ai_addrlen;     /* length of ai_addr */
       char    *ai_canonname;  /* canonical name for hostname */
       struct  sockaddr *ai_addr;      /* binary address */
       struct  addrinfo *ai_next;      /* next structure in linked list */

Then, It was helped actually.

Hiroshi Saito

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