> >> Why do we need to reorder the fields in the struct?
> > Eh? Even my FreeBSD used well shows a structure object.
> The standard lists the fields in the other order:
> http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/basedefs/netdb.h.html
> Even though the standard doesn't say that that has to be the 
> physical order, every other platform besides Windows does it 
> that way.  The patch as given is unacceptable because it 
> *will* break other platforms (mine for instance ;-)).  If it 
> has to be this way for Windows then we need some sort of 
> platform-specific #ifdef.  Considering that the code works 
> as-is on several sorts of Windows builds, we probably need 
> something even more specific than that, like #if 
> MSVC-before-version-XX.

Haven't dug into the details, but it just feels a bit off that this
shuold be depending on the compiler. MSVC6 and MingW uses the same
runtime library, and I would've expected it to be more depending on that
than on the compiler itself?

That said, where does the problem actually show up, Hiroshi? If it's
just at runtime, I'm not so sure it works on MingW - AFAIK it's at least
not tested on the buildfarm. And I haven't tested IPV6 on newer versions
of MSVC.


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