Chris Browne wrote:
> Here's a patch to add in the material on replication recently
> discussed on  I'm not thrilled that there were only a few
> comments made; I'd be happy to see "slicing and dicing" to see this
> made more useful.

s/e.g. -/e.g.,/
s/ - /–/

The indentation of the SGML file seems at odds with our conventions (we
don't use tabs, for one thing.)

You mention this:

>       <para> Common methods include having triggers on tables,
>       capturing SQL statements, and capturing transaction log (WAL)
>       updates </para>

However you don't mention anything about WAL captures.  Mentioning that
PITR is one of these would be good.

In the last few paragraphs, the title is about Postgres-R but then you
comment on Slony-II.  Should the title mention both?

>     <para> As a result of those problems, Slony-II efforts have fallen
>     off somewhat. </para>

s/those/these/ ?

Otherwise looks good to my untrained eyes.

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