On 8/7/06, Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Updated patch attached.  It prints the text bind parameters on a single
detail line.  I still have not seen portal names generated by libpq.

I'm currently testing CVS tip to generate sample log files. I noticed
that Bruce only patched log_statement and not
log_min_duration_statement which still has the old behaviour ie:
[1-1] LOG:  duration: 0.097 ms  execute my_query:  SELECT * FROM shop
WHERE name = $1
The problem of not having the bind parameters still remains.

A lot of people use log_min_duration_statement and it's usually
recommended to use it instead of log_statement because log_statement
generates far too much output.
I tried to find a way to fix it but it's not so simple as when we bind
the statement, we don't know if the query will be slower than

My first idea is that we should add a DETAIL line with the parameter
values to the execute log line when we are in the
log_min_duration_statement case. AFAICS the values are in the portal
but I don't know the overhead introduced by generating the detail line
from the portal.

Does anyone have a better idea on how we could fix it?



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