Sorry, we did not get enough feedback to include this in 8.2.  Please
add it to pgfoundry and let's see how it goes.


Tzahi Fadida wrote:
> Hi,
> I wish to add the fulldisjunctions function to the contrib.
> With the help of Jonah, we (or rather he :) created a patch with
> regression tests. The function is finished programmatically but
> still a little more code documentation touches and improved error messages
> are needed. All the rest was extensively tested.
> Attached is the patch.
> Works great. Just compiled from a fresh cvs which i patched with the
> attached diff. ran the fulldijsjunction.sql in the 
> share/contrib/fulldisjunction and let it run and it works great.
> 10x.
> -- 
> Regards,
> ????????Tzahi.
> --
> Tzahi Fadida
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