On Fri, Feb 02, 2007 at 07:01:33PM -0800, Jeremy Drake wrote:

> Let me know if you see any bugs or issues with this code, and I am
> open to suggestions for further regression tests ;)

> Things that I still want to look into:
> * regexp flags (a la regexp_replace).

One more text field at the end is how the regexp_replace() one does

> * maybe make regexp_matches return setof whatever, if given a 'g' flag
>   return all matches in string.

This is doable with current machinery, albeit a little clumsily.

> * maybe a join function that works as an aggregate
>    SELECT join(',', col) FROM tbl
>   currently can be written as
>    SELECT array_to_string(ARRAY(SELECT col FROM tbl), ',')

The array_accum() aggregate in the docs works OK for this purpose.

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