To my knowledge there is unfortunately not a portable call that does that. I was actually referring to the check that the current SysV code does on the pid that is stored in the shmem header. I presume that if the backend is dead, the kill(hdr->creatorPID, 0) returning zero would suffice for confirming the existence of the other backend process.

Chris Marcellino

On Feb 6, 2007, at 10:32 AM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:

Chris Marcellino wrote:
Tom, that is a definitely valid point and thanks for the feedback. I
assume that the 'more modern' string segment naming gave the POSIX
methods an edge in avoiding collision between other apps.
As far as detecting a) whether anyone else is currently attached to
that segment and b) whether an earlier existence of the current
backend was still attached to a segment, I presumed that checking the
pid's of the backend that owns the shared memory segment and checking
the data directory (both which the SysV code already does) would

Is there an API call to list all PIDs that are connected to a particular

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