Attached is a beta of the POSIX shared memory layer. It is 75% the original sysv_shmem.c code. I'm looking for ways to refactor it down a bit, while changing as little of the tried-and-tested code as possible. I though I'd put it out there for comments.

Of course, unfortunately it is more complicated than the original as it uses both sets of API. Also, I haven't tested the crash recovery thoroughly. The POSIX code could be used Windows-style (i.e. no crash recovery) if one ifdef'd out the SysV calls properly, if they had such a POSIX-only platform they needed to run Postgres on.

Using both API is certainly not ideal. You mentioned,

We've speculated on occasion about using file locking in some form as a
substitute mechanism for detecting this, but that seems to just bring
its own set of not-too-portable assumptions

What sort of file locking did you have in mind? Do you think this might be worth me trying?

Thanks for your help,
Chris Marcellino

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