Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Bruce Momjian escribió:
Followup --- something weird is going on.  I am seeing _random_ failures
of the regression tests here in that same place, and the build farm
seems to fail in the same place, but with different row counts.

This failure is pretty interesting:

--- 724,730 ----
     date_part( 'isoyear', d1) AS isoyear, date_part( 'week', d1) AS week,
     date_part( 'dow', d1) AS dow
     FROM TIMESTAMP_TBL WHERE d1 BETWEEN '1902-01-01' AND '2038-01-01';
! ERROR:  relation "timestamp_tbl" does not exist
  -- TO_CHAR()
SELECT '' AS to_char_1, to_char(d1, 'DAY Day day DY Dy dy MONTH Month month RM MON Mon mon') FROM TIMESTAMPTZ_TBL;

How can the table fail to exist, and yet not report a problem when it
was created?

Looks to me like the timestamptz test relies on the timestamp test (for timestamp_tbl) but they are set to run in parallel, so we have a race condition. Oops!



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