On 2/19/07, Greg Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
log_destination = 'stderr,sql'     # Valid values are combinations of
                     # stderr, syslog, sql, and eventlog,
                     # depending on platform.


# These are relevant when logging to sql:
log_sql_table = 'pg_log'  # Table SQL formatted logs INSERT into
                     # Default is 'pg_log'

Is there really a need for that? Why not simply put something like
%log_table% in the sql file and let the admin replace it with sed or
whatever he likes?
And it could allow us to move to copy without having to drop the code
added to manage the new GUC variable.

I personally would just ignore the duration two entries per statement
problem and make that the log analyzer software's job to fix, but I'm
likely biased here because I don't ever do anything with that data.

We have basically 4 different cases:
* log_min_duration_statement = 0: every query is logged with the
duration on the same line,
* log_statement = all: we don't have any duration,
* log_statement = all & log_duration = on: we have every query and the
duration on another line,
* log_min_duration_statement = n > 0 & log_duration = on: we have
duration lines for every query and statement + duration if the query
is slower than n ms.

There are other variants but I think they are the main cases to deal with.


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