Guillaume Smet escribió:
> On 2/19/07, Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >So add the session ID (%c) to log_line_prefix.
> It could work if log_line_prefix was added before every line but it's
> definitely not the case:
> myuser mydb 45d9d615.4abe LOG:  duration : 185.223 ms, statement : SELECT *
>        FROM lieu
>        LIMIT 10;
> if you execute:
> FROM lieu
> LIMIT 10;

Interesting.  I wonder why didn't you report this as a bug before?
Maybe we could have discussed it and fixed it.

This is irrelevant in this particular discussion anyway if we introduce
SQL format, because then the newline should be part of the COPY or INSERT
data.  Let's just make sure to not make the same errors again.

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