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Please don't do that.  We already have a "combined GUC option" that is
used to change two different things (DateStyle) and I regularly see
people confused about how to use it.

Perhaps I don't understand your "combined GUC option" but ISTM it's
already the case for log_destination. I don't use this ability but the
current comment in postgresql.conf seems to be self explanatory:
log_destination = 'syslog'              # Valid values are combinations of
                                       # stderr, syslog and eventlog,
                                       # depending on platform.

Also, "sql" is not really a destination -- it is a format.  Maybe have a
"format=plain,sql" GUC var is best: plain format is logged as currently,
and SQL format is logged somewhere else (maybe use the same name, and
stash a .sql suffix to the filename, or use .sql.log).  That way you can
choose to have one or the other, or both if you're really dumb.

I don't see how you will deal with your format GUC variable. Or it
won't be possible to have plain and sql at the same time? My problem
is how you will separate plain and sql if you put them in the stderr
or syslog.

The configuration which may interest me at first is to have syslog
plain text output to run pgFouine daily and from time to time use the
SQL output (I won't be able to insert into a db my daily logs so I
will do it sometimes if I need more details, ability to look for a
particular query and so on).
I don't know how other people plan to use it though.


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