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> Actually, I think your proposal is fundamentally correct, merely incomplete.

Yeah, I fixed the patch to handle '_' correctly.

> Doing octet-based rather than character-based matching of strings is a
> _design goal_ of UTF8.

I think all "safe ASCII-supersets" encodings are comparable by bytes,
not only UTF-8. Their all multibyte characters consist of bytes larger
than 127. I updated the patch on this presupposition. It uses octet-based
matching usually and character-based matching at '_'.

There was 30%+ of performance win in selection using multibytes LIKE '%foo%'.

 encoding  |  HEAD   | patched
 SQL_ASCII |  7094ms |  7062ms
 LATIN1    |  7083ms |  7078ms
 UTF8      | 17974ms | 11635ms (64.7%)
 EUC_JP    | 17032ms | 12109ms (71.1%)

If this patch is acceptable, please drop JOHAB encoding from server encodings
before it is applied. Trailing bytes of JOHAB can be less than 128.

ITAGAKI Takahiro
NTT Open Source Software Center

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