I find this still fairly unclean. It certainly took me some time to get me head around what's going on.

ISTM we should generate all these match functions from one body of code plus some #define magic.

As I understand it, we have three possible encoding switches: Single Byte, UTF8 and other Multi Byte Charsets, and two possible case settings: case Sensitive and Case Insensitive. That would make for a total of six functions, but in the case of both UTF8 and other MBCS we don't need a special Case Insensitive function - instead we downcase both the string and the pattern and then use the Case Sensitive function. That leaves a total of four functions.

What is not clear to me is why the UTF8 optimisation work, and why it doesn't apply to other MBCS. At the very least we need a comment on that.

I also find the existing function naming convention somewhat annoying - having foo() and MB_foo() is less than clear. I'd rather have SB_foo() and MB_foo(). That's not your fault, of course.

If you supply me with some explanation on the UTF8 optimisation issue, I'll prepare a revised patch along these lines.



ITAGAKI Takahiro wrote:
Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I do not understand this patch.  You have defined two functions,
UTF8MatchText() and UTF8MatchTextIC(), and the difference between them
is that one calls CHAREQ and the other calls ICHAREQ, but just above
those two functions you define the macros identically:
Why are there two functions?  Also, can't you use one function and just
pass a boolean to indicate whether case should be ignored?

The same is true of MBMatchText() and MBMatchTextIC().
Now, I'll split the patch into two changes.

1. DropMBMatchTextIC.patch
        Drop MBMatchTextIC() and use MBMatchText() instead.

2. UTF8MatchText.patch
        Add UTF8MatchText() as a specialized version of MBMatchText().

As a future work, it might be good to research the performance of rewriting
"col ILIKE 'pattern'" to "lower(col) LIKE lower('pattern')" in planner so that
we can avoid to call lower() for constant pattern in the right-hand side and
can use functional indexes (lower(col)). I think we never need MBMatchTextIC()
in the future unless we move to wide-character server encoding :)

ITAGAKI Takahiro
NTT Open Source Software Center


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