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ITAGAKI Takahiro wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > I do not understand this patch.  You have defined two functions,
> > > UTF8MatchText() and UTF8MatchTextIC(), and the difference between them
> > > is that one calls CHAREQ and the other calls ICHAREQ, but just above
> > > those two functions you define the macros identically:
> > 
> > Why are there two functions?  Also, can't you use one function and just
> > pass a boolean to indicate whether case should be ignored?
> The same is true of MBMatchText() and MBMatchTextIC().
> Now, I'll split the patch into two changes.
> 1. DropMBMatchTextIC.patch
>         Drop MBMatchTextIC() and use MBMatchText() instead.
> 2. UTF8MatchText.patch
>         Add UTF8MatchText() as a specialized version of MBMatchText().
> As a future work, it might be good to research the performance of rewriting
> "col ILIKE 'pattern'" to "lower(col) LIKE lower('pattern')" in planner so that
> we can avoid to call lower() for constant pattern in the right-hand side and
> can use functional indexes (lower(col)). I think we never need MBMatchTextIC()
> in the future unless we move to wide-character server encoding :)
> Regards,
> ---
> ITAGAKI Takahiro
> NTT Open Source Software Center

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