Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote:
Tom Lane írta:

- unique index checks are done in two steps
  to avoid inflating the sequence if a unique index check
  is failed that doesn't reference the IDENTITY column

This is just not acceptable --- there is nothing in the standard that
requires such behavior,

But also there is nothing that would say not to do it. :-)
And this way, there is be nothing that would separate
IDENTITY from regular SERIALs only the slightly
later value generation. The behaviour I proposed
would be a big usability plus over the standard
with less possible skipped values.

 and I dislike the wide-ranging kluges you
introduced to support it.

Can you see any other way to avoid skipping sequence values
as much as possible?

This doesn't strike me as a sensible design goal. Why not just live with skipped values?



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