On Sun, May 13, 2007 at 02:39:45PM +0100, Gregory Stark wrote:
> "Jim Nasby" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I don't see how we could make the names shorter without moving away from a
> > backslash command (which I'm guessing would be painful).
> >
> > Assuming we're stuck with a backslash command \cs[witch] and \cn
> > [owait] seem to be about as good as we could get.
> I don't have \cs or \cn set up as abbreviations. 
> I was originally thinking \c1, \c2, ... for \cswitch and \c& for \cnowait. I'm
> not sure if going for cryptic short commands is better or worse here.

Would \c# limit us to 9 concurrent connections? Might want

\cs[witch] [session]

which would switch to the specified session. If none specified, it would
switch back to whatever session was previously active.

\c& sounds fine (as do \c1...\c9). \g& would probably be helpful as well
(send query buffer to server in nowait mode).
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