Tom Lane writes: 
> That will have exactly zero effect.  As was shown upthread, even
> everyday C++ programmers don't remember what all the extra keywords are.
> Guys who mainly code C are very unlikely to get this right if there's no
> automatic check being applied.

Just for curiosity, I would like to ask something.
libpqxx is based on libpq, and thus includes headers-files from libpq.
These header-files are C++-safe, otherwise libpqxx would'nt compile.
Whats the point in having a two-class-society of headers files, some
of which are compatible for C++-compilers (the client-side), and some 
which aren't (the server-side).

My problem is, that I have to wrap a few C++-classes as internal 
Postgres-types in my code, and thus must include C++-header-files as 
well as server-side Postgres-header-files. Therefore I must use a 
C++-compiler, and the only problems so far, is the use of C++-keywords
on the server-side-Postgres-headers.

Regards, Jacob

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