"Jacob Rief" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Just for curiosity, I would like to ask something.
> libpqxx is based on libpq, and thus includes headers-files from libpq.
> These header-files are C++-safe, otherwise libpqxx would'nt compile.

Well, if they are, it's only by chance, because there isn't much of
anything verifying that they are safe :-(.

> Whats the point in having a two-class-society of headers files, some
> of which are compatible for C++-compilers (the client-side), and some 
> which aren't (the server-side).

It makes sense for libpq to be able to execute within a C++ application.
As was already debated, it's not nearly as clear that it makes sense to
try to use C++ for backend modules.

In any case, you are not helping here.  I asked for a technical solution
to a specific problem, and you are giving me political arguments.

                        regards, tom lane

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