Magnus Hagander wrote:
Zdenek Kotala wrote:
I attach complete patch which renames following binaries

createdb createlang createuser dropdb droplang dropuser clusterdb
vacuumdb reindexdb


pg_createdb pg_createlang pg_createuser pg_dropdb pg_droplang
pg_dropuser pg_clusterdb pg_vacuumdb pg_reindexdb

Symlinks (or copy on win32) are created for backward compatibility.

This renaming was discussed there:

I create also separate unified patch for documentation.

A couple of comments:

Do we actually need to remove and recreate the documentation files?
Can't we keep the source files and just have it generate the man pages
and other references with the outputname pg_xyz?

I used postmaster/postgresql as a pattern for makefile and documentation changes.

Should we be installing symlinks or at least a placeholder manpage for
the old commandnames (maybe a single man page for all the old commands
saying "prefix pg_ to get this command") the same way it's done for the
binaries? (my apologies if it already does this, I don't know exactly
how the man pages are generated from the sgml. I just noticed there was
no makefile modified in the docs area)

I'm not guru on documentation building, but there are driver files which contains list of files - see reference.sgml and ref/allfiles.sgml.

I copied decription from current pages to new pg_* files. In old files I only keep mention that it is obsolete command. See postmaster documentation.

I'm also not sure we really should install copies on win32. Given how
seldom these commands are actually used on windows (most people really
use pgadmin to do these things).

Postmaster does same thing.

Also, your patch does not touch the msvc buildsystem, which will still
be generating files with the old name.

Hmm. I do not nothing about it :(. I need help there.

                Thank for your comments


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