Tom Lane wrote:
Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Dave Page wrote:
This is almost as bad as Magnus agreeing with JD (!), but I agree with
Peter :-). After years of typing the current names, changing them does
seem somewhat annoying. Worse yet, pg_* is just awkward to type.

But these utilities are mostly using in scripts -> one type, multi use.

According to whom?  The ones that are really at issue I think are
createuser/createlang/dropuser/droplang, and those seem mainly intended
for interactive use.  In a script you might as well use psql -c.

The ones that have "db" in the name do not seem to me to need renaming.
While maybe not obviously connected to Postgres, the chance of a
collision with some other project is low.

Yes, but if we rename four why does it do for all of them?

One that I'd personally vote to remove completely is "ipcclean".
It's always been a crude, incomplete hack anyway, and the reason
no one has bothered to improve it is that there is next to no use
for it anymore.

And what's about remove all script commands? Everybody can use psql -c and it decreases amount of code. Initdb should be replaced by pg_ctl init command. We can plan it for Postgresql 9.0 as a main change :-).


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