Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
Dave Page wrote:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Dave Page wrote:
I believe we just didn't notice it until now because the older Mingw
builds use the MSVC 6.0 runtimes which just happened to be compatible
with the OpenSSL binary builds (we're now using 8.0), in addition to
which there are relatively few people using client-side certs I'd wager.
So SSL works without this wart if you don't have a client cert?

According to the OpenSSL FAQ, the purpose of the applink is to allow
mixing release and debug versions or multi-threaded and
non-multithreaded versions of libraries:


Yeah - which in itself is a pita because with their 'workaround' we now need to ensure we use a debug libpq with a debug pgadmin whereas previously mixing 'n' matching wasn't an issue.

How come we only bump into the crash with client certs?

I assume it uses fopen() or one of the other functions it does a GetProcAddress() on in that situation.


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