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The database cluster will be initialized with locale Japanese_Japan.932.
initdb: locale Japanese_Japan.932 requires unsupported encoding SJIS
Encoding SJIS is not allowed as a server-side encoding.
I think that the check of this server side is the right action.!
I desire the further suggestion....

How about changing initdb to use encoding=UTF-8 and no-locale when the
encoding of default locale is not suppoted in the server? I think it is
the most frequently used combination when we cannot use the default
encoding in server.

Yeah, as for Japanese, your suggestion at least is right...I think.
However,  how is it in other countries?  I worry about it...

The present initdb without options always fails in such environments.
Using UTF-8 with no-locale is better than error.
(Error is better than using wrong locale, though.)

Is a method specified and isn't it avoided by the document, rather than ad-hoc management?
Hiroshi Saito

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