Um, I thinks the examination material of 8.4 by the reason for changing the feature. Of course, your proposal can be considered to obtain one solution. Then, discussion is required more. I feel that it is dangerous for 8.3....

Hiroshi Saito

I wrote:
I'll suggest to use UTF8 if the encoding is UTF-8 or NOT specified and
we don't support the locale encoding on Windows, i.e. locale is always
enabled on regression tests.

Here is a patch to do it on Windows.
 1. Use UTF-8 if the locale encoding is not available for server.
 2. Allow mismatch between server and locale encodings if the server
    encoding is UTF-8.

I succeeded to run regression test on Japanese version of Windows
with the patch, but please test it on other language versions.

ITAGAKI Takahiro
NTT Open Source Software Center

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