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> regression test surely goes wrong.!

This fix does nothing against the regression failure.

It is probably reasonable to choose UTF-8 as a server encoding when we cannot
support the encoding of the current locale. A remaining issue is which we
should use no-locale, locale of another encoding, or reporting error then.

At least on Windows, locale of another encoding works correctly because
we've already had some Windows-specific hacks. (try grep MultiByteToWideChar)
In fact, we can accept options like:
  initdb -E UTF8 --locale=Japanese_Japan.932 -- CP932 is SJIS in nature

I'll suggest to use UTF8 if the encoding is UTF-8 or NOT specified and
we don't support the locale encoding on Windows, i.e. locale is always
enabled on regression tests.

ITAGAKI Takahiro
NTT Open Source Software Center

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