>> The solution I came up with was simple: write a dictionary, that does
>> only one thing: looks up the lexeme in a stopwords file and either
>> discards it or returns NULL.
> Doesn't the "simple" dictionary handle this?

I don't think so. The 'simple' dictionary discards stopwords, but
accepts any other lexemes. So if use {'simple', 'pl_ispell'} for my
config, I'll get rid of the stopwords, but I won't get any lexemes
stemmed by ispell. Every lexeme that's not a stopword will produce the
very same lexeme (this is how I think the 'simple' dictionary works).

My dictionary does basically the same thing as the 'simple' dictionary,
but it returns NULL instead of the original lexeme in case the lexeme is
not found in the stopwords file.

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