Tom Lane wrote:
> This patch:
> seems simple and useful enough that I think we ought to slip it into
> 8.3, even though we are far past feature freeze.
> As the "simple" dictionary type stands in CVS HEAD, it is only useful as
> the last dictionary in a stack, since it never passes anything on as
> unrecognized.  With the proposed AcceptAll = false option, it could be
> used to filter out some stopwords before feeding tokens to another
> dictionary.  While most dictionary types have their own stopword support,
> some of them match stopwords after their own normalization processing,
> and so there's no way to filter on pre-normalized words.  That seems
> like a good improvement, even without the specific need-example that
> Jan provided at the start of the thread.
> Normally we'd never consider adding a new feature so late in the
> development cycle, but this seems small enough and useful enough
> to make an exception.  Comments?

Agreed.  The logic is that textsearch is getting a major overhaul in 8.3
and it is reasonable to keep adjusting things during beta.

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