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Oleg Bartunov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Let's consider one example - removing accents.
In the past I always recommend people to use regex functions before
to_tsvector conversion to remove accents, but recently I was noticed that
such trick doesn't work with headline(). So, the only way is to have
special dictionary dict_remove_accent before, which  works as a filter.

I don't remember why do we left this for future releases, though.

That would require a system-to-dictionary API change (to be able to
modify the token under inspection), no?  So it's certainly something

It requires one reserved option for dictionaries and ability to get dictionary option. Unless somebody have dictionary with the same option, this change
looks harmless.

I'd say is too late for 8.3.

yes, probably we get better idea.

One thought that came to mind is that the option name should be just
"Accept" not "AcceptAll".  To me "All" implies that it would accept
*everything* ... including stopwords.

wait, I remind the problem with filters. How it will works with thesaurus ?

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